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Factory Tour


A History of Woodworking Excellence

Alan Davis, owner of Blue Ridge Chair Works began crafting kayak paddles during college as a starving river guide. Alan apprenticed under Keith Backlund, A Finnish paddle maker and a prominent wood worker in the White Water Rafting and Kayaking community who dedicated his life to creating quality products of unmatched excellence. This apprenticeship led Alan to his love of wood working and beautiful, high grade wood as well as a commitment to creating the best possible quality end product. Eventually Alan began crafting more than just paddles. Soon he was building durable and beautiful tables and chairs by hand and testing them out on his own outdoor adventures, ensuring that they fit his high standards of quality.

Blue Ridge Chair Works Grows

In the early 2000's, Alan began selling his chairs and tables online and quickly became so sucessfully that he couldn't continue to custom build all of his orders by hand. It was time to seek outsource the manufacturing, but Alan was insistent that all of his products continue to be created in the United States and to meet his standards for comfort, style, and strength. For the past 14 years, Blue Ridge Chair's main factory has been in Franklin, NC where about 10 skilled woodworkers and laborers are employed, producing your favorite Blue Ridge Chair Products, as well as cooking up new inventions. The heritage of southern Appalachian craftsmanship continues to be embraced, resulting in a special collaboration that is most evident when inspecting the thoughtful details and quality of every piece of furniture. Our logo is burned into every finished chair and table as a symbol of our commitment this level comfort and quality. Of course, Alan continues to innovate and create right out of his own home as well right in his own basement workshop!

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