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XL Deck Chair for your XL Lifestyle

By Lisa Landes, 11/01/2017 - 10:22
Green XL Deck Chair Image

Ever thought to yourself there just isn’t a chair out there that really fits me? My lifestyle and my comfort? The XL Deck Chair is the answer to your chair woes AND a must-have especially for the holiday season. Not only is it the perfect size for extra comfort, but it's also so easy to pack up and take with you wherever you are celebration. Built to last and ergonomically friendly, this larger-than-life-chair is ideal for snuggling with the pup, letting your niece or nephew climb on board, or after a particular large Thanksgiving meal. The extra spacious chair - that supports weights up to 500 lbs with a 22" width seat - is heavy duty, yet with a classic style.  

 Comparison between the XL Deck Chair and The Highlands Chair

Looking for Holiday gifts already? Take your patio furniture to a new level of comfort - that's what we're about! All you need to do is try this large, portable chair out - we promise it won’t disappoint.


- Comfortable carry handle

- A 22" width seat

- Portable

- Supports weights up to 500 lbs

- Heavy duty, yet with a classic style

- ChairLock buckle

Easy to carry, set up, and store

- Available in Red, Navy, Atlantic Blue or Forest Green

Product Weight: 
13 lbs
Shipping Weight: 
18 lbs
Open Size: 
31"w x 25"d x 28"h
Boxed Size: 
32" x 30" x 5"

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