Vagabroads | Blue Ridge Chair


By Natalie DeRatt, 11/27/2017 - 00:00

Vagabroads featured the Looking Glass Perch in their Vagabroads Gift-Guide for the Overland Traveler - Christmas 2017 Edition:

 1.   Blue Ridge Chair Works – perch, camp chairs and camp table. $233.00

            Our rig is an 80 Series Landcruiser. The inside isn’t built out to have any workspace or seating room beyond the passenger’s seat.  Even the backseats were removed and replaced by a large locking box.  Being digital nomads, we often found ourselves without a good place to just get the laptop out and comfortably work.  Sitting in your lap makes your neck hurt after awhile.  A perfect solution – the perch chair from Blue Ridge Chair works.  It multi—purposes as an adjustable-height chair, a laptop workspace or table to eat on. 

So many beaches, so many campfires, so many morning cups of coffee…so much time.   If we weren’t driving, (or setting up camp or exploring a city or hiking) we were usually sitting by a fire, on a beach or on a mountain overlook.    We were SO ENVIOUS of our overlander friends who brought full-sized, well-made camp chairs with them.  At this year’s Overland Expo, we discovered these Blue Ridge Chair Works foldable chairs and we might be in love.   They fold down flat for easy storing, sit low enough on the ground to feel the warmth of a campfire but high enough to take pressure off of your knees and lean back comfortably.