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Thanksgiving Fun for the Whole Family

By Lisa Landes, 11/02/2018 - 12:10
Thanksgiving ideas for kids

Thanksgiving with the family is a special time to catch up and re-connect with those you don’t see often. Whether you get to spend a whole week together or just a special day or two, making memories and being together is what counts! Hanging out by the fire or - our favorite - enjoying the outdoors with an adventurous hike or a kayaking day down the local river are perfect options! Not everything you're used to will suit younger ages though. If you're looking for something to entertain your visiting little nephews and nieces, try some of these fun ideas to get the party going!

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1)Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags

Building (and eating!) treat bags are a super fun way to spend an afternoon waiting for the food to cook! Spread out some of these fun items to create your own treat bag!

- Popped Popcorn

- Peanut M&M’s

- Reese Pieces (or your favorite mix of candies in fall colors!)

- Googly eyes (these are stickers to make life easier)

- Glue stick

- Orange construction paper

- Scissors

- Optional: Clear tape, Clear rubber bands

You can change out the candy selection to whatever you fancy, and make sure there is an adult to supervise the activity. If you have amazing self-control, save the treat bags for after dinner and everyone can enjoy a tasty treat!

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2) Autumn Walk

A nice fall walk either around the neighborhood or at a nearby park is a great way to spend time together. Try after dinner to help digest all that turkey, or even before to work up an appetite! It's also an inclusive way to spend time as a group. Perhaps bring a few toys along like a football or frisbee and get a team sport going. Get the blood flowing and make lasting memories with the family!


3) Pumpkin Pie Turkeys

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without some pumpkin pie! Enjoy making a fun kid’s dessert to get everyone involved in the cooking process. Depending on the size of your party you can make two pumpkin pies, one for the kids to make and one whole pie for the table. It's also a perfect activity to enjoy take part in between dinner and dessert!

What you will need:

- 9-inch Pumpkin Pie

- Biscuit Cutter (this is the best one I’ve found!)

- Mini Peanut Butter Cups

- Candy Eyeballs

- Orange Reese’s Pieces

- Candy Corn

- Melted Chocolate Chips


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4) Glitter Pinecones

Looking for thanksgiving family tradition ideas for the creative hearts? Making glitter pine cones is a fun and easy creative thanksgiving tradition. Also, who doesn’t love glitter?

1) Gather and prepare pine cones for decorating.

2) Cover them with a light coat of glue and roll in glitter.

3) Use the pine cones for place settings or in a bowl as a table decoration.

If you have family come in a day or two early this is a great activity to try so your art is dry for the big day!


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5) Create a Centerpiece for the Table

Thanksgiving dinner (or lunch) can take hours to set-up and get ready for. From cleaning dishes and setting oven timers to decorating and setting the table, the whole meal is a process. A fun edible centerpiece can provide snacks for the day and look amazing on display!

A fruit kabob turkey is the way to go! Did you save some googly eyes from the last activity? We will use them here too!

What you’ll need:

- Pumpkin

- Pear

- Pineapple

- Apples

- Honeydew

- Watermelon

- Grapes

- Cheddar cheese chunks

- Skewers and toothpicks

- Googly eyes (and a little hot glue for attaching!)


Full Instructions >>


Get creative and have fun with it!

Pro Tip:

If you're expecting a big influx of visitors, set up some additional seating for the whole family with the Highlands Deck Chair or XL Deck Chair