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Stay Fit Outside This Winter

By Lisa Landes, 12/05/2017 - 16:25
running shoes

Getting the motivation to keep up your running routine or go on that favorite hike with your furry friend, can be hard once the days are shorter and the temperature drops. You know your body will feel better after a workout, and the fresh air will do you good, but the steps you need to take to get moving are absent! We feel you and you are not alone! You know once the season starts again you are going to want to climb that 13-mile high mountain and get right back on your kayak, so here are some tips to stay fit and be ready when it's time:


1) Phone a Friend

What more motivation do you need than a friend ringing your doorbell telling you it’s time to go?! Try to find someone with similar goals and bounce of each other’s motivation to stay outdoors and feeling good!

2) Get the right Gear

Gear is the best. Having the right gear can make a cold short run into a long-distance excursion! With shorter days ahead, the before-work or after-work run may seem easy to cut short. Headlamps and reflective vests  could be just the thing to get you going. Thermal under armor can also help keep you warm once the sun sets. Do some research on your favorite outdoor activity and suit up. After all, if you look good you feel good, and if you feel good you run good!

3) Set a Schedule

Set a schedule and stick to it! Routines can be boring but let’s face it - if you are working 9 – 5 on weekdays anyway, why not schedule in an hour a day for your workout as well. Switch it up on the weekends and try out a warm yoga class, indoor swimming, or an outdoor community sport. Set a schedule and don’t avoid the T.V - you know you will get stuck there!

4) Try some Winter Sports

Ever been much of an ice skater? You never know until you try! Find an outdoor ice skating rink in your area and stretch out those quads. Ice hockey and hiking in the snow or snowshoeing are also great opportunities to try something new.

5) Virtual Classes and Videos

Sometimes the weather can be relentless. If you are stuck inside use Wi-Fi to your advantage and get an active class going. From high speed calorie burner sites, to a vinyasa flow, your options are endless. Pick a spot in your house where you won’t kick your dog/cat and won’t get mowed down by any kids and have at it!

Afterwards take a load off and relax in your portable chair - you earned it!