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Get Your Summer Garden style on

By Meredith Foster..., 06/09/2017 - 15:07
Green Garden

Ok, so maybe you don't have quite the green thumb you originally thought and all of those herb seeds you planted in April have never resurfaced from their soily graves. (Moment of silence) This is a judgement free zone, and we are here to help you remedy your garden space and bring the porch back to the people!

(Image Credit: The Fresh Exchange)

1. Outdoor Rugs All the Way

Outdoor rugs are like the ultimate garden bandaid. They can do so much for a space - especially for a deck or a covered porch - without hardly any effort. They bring a very homey feel into your backyard and allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds with the stars overhead and a cozy fabric under your feet! Outdoor rugs can also set the tone for what you want the overall vibe of your garden to be. Ornate rugs give off a taste of elegance, vibrant colors can give your space a breezy casual feel, and colorblock and tribal prints give the space an upscale cool feeling. 

2. Ferns!

We want all the greens! No matter what style you want your garden to reflect or what types of plants you like to keep, we suggest plenty of full, green, leafy numbers to keep your summer space feeling vibrant. We love ferns so much because there are so many varieties to choose from, so you can truly choose the fern to fit your personal style. For us, it's the fuller the better to give off that lush, breezy aura and maybe to help cover some of those empty herb pots.

3. Low Lighting

We mean low both literally and figuratively. Soft lighting is the perfect compliment to those thousands of beautiful stars you're sitting under. If promotes a comfortable atmosphere that supports those perfect summer nights that can last into the morning. Light low to the ground can help your guests feel out the space (and maneuver around all of your glorious ferns). Don't get us wrong, we love hanging lights just as much as the next person, but for your garden space, nothing add that enchanced quality like soft lowlights!

(Image Credit : the Beauty Dojo)

4. Pots that Add Character

Having a few potted or hanging plants in your garden continue the indoor to outdoor feel. They can also be your best accessory for cohesion when you're trying to pull together your look. We want your pots to say something about you and express your personal style, so we are all about DIY. But if your style is to say that you definitely don't DIY anything when you can buy a perfectly good one at the store, then that's what you should stick with. Just because you don't want to doctor them yourself doesn't mean you have to stick with the regular terrocotta. We are digging (hehe) the marbled cement pots for an industrial feel, or a shiny metallic for a little more glam. 

5. Alternate Flooring

Depending on your backyard situation, you may have the opportunity to be creative in the area designated to be your garden. If it is a tilled piece of land with boxes for vegetables, you might consider gravel or mulch to throw between them. We love the idea of whitewashed gravel to distinguish your garden area from the rest of your backyard. 


Making your garden your own can be achieved in a multitude of ways, but as you can see, we're all about personalizing the space and making it our own. If you are secretly crazy yard flamingo lady, bring on the birds (but maybe just a few). This is your space to relax, harvest and enjoy this summer, and we want it to be all about you.

What are some of your favorite garden style tips?