By Natalie DeRatt, 02/07/2017 - 13:08
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Blue Ridge Chair Works Landing Mat

Blue Ridge Chairworks Landing Mat from Field Tested: Nemo Equipment Helio and Heliopolis

by Christophe Noel 

There are so many things I never knew I needed, like the Blue Ridge Chair Works Landing Mat. If you have ever taken a shower in the boonies, you probably found yourself standing in a puddle of mud. The Landing Mat is a personalized wooden deck that not only works as a fantastic wash platform, it finds use around camp for all sorts of things. Our’s lives at the bottom of the ladder when we use our roof top tent. It’s always in my car when I go mountain biking. I plop it on the ground and stand on it while I change my duds and shoes, or rinse off after a dusty or muddy ride. The whole thing rolls up in its own bag in a matter of seconds and is made to the impeccable standards we have come to know of Blue Ridge Chair Works. www.blueridgechair.com