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7 Things to do this Earth Day

By Natalie DeRatt, 04/18/2017 - 11:53
Earth Day 2017

Although every week should be a celebration of this Earth we live on, this week is the one culminating in Earth Day on April 22nd! That's right, this Saturday, is Earth Day - a globally supported event. A perfect time to take a second and appreciate the world in all its splendor - after all, we don't have a Planet B! If you're looking for little ways to help show your appreicate this Earth Day, here are some ideas:

Recover Water Bottle

1) Get a recyclable water bottle

Here in America alone, we consume and discard 50 billion plastic water bottles annually. Aside from all of that waste ending up in landfils, it also takes more than 17 million barrels of gasoline to create them. Try a reusable bottle this year. Not only can you fill it up time and time again, but you can get super cute ones as well! You could also try this pre-stickered one if you're feeling sassy.

2) Get rid of your junk mail

Keeping pesky junk mail out of your mailbox can not only decrease personal frustration, but can also be an amazing way to help the environment! If every American decreased the amount of junk mail they receive each week, 100 million trees would be saved each year. If this option sounds appealing to you, there are plenty of websites to help you opt out of mailing lists for junk mail.

3) Be conscious of energy and water usage

Simple habits such as turning off lights when leaving a room or water when not in use can help your household have a positive impact on the environment. Adjusting thermostats during times when no one is home is also a great way to conserve energy and save money on electric bills!

4) Start Composting

Instead of throwing away those eggs shells and carrot peelings, turn a corner of your yard into a compost heap. Not only will you reduce the size of your garbage, but you’ll also end up with wonderful soil for your garden all year round.

Brew your own coffee at home

5) Brew your own Coffee

It may not seem a lot on a day to day basis, but all those card board coffee cups add up annually – 58 billion each year! Help reduce waste from the cups and carrying sleeves by making your own delicious coffee (like our Green Beans!) and using a reusable carry mug. You can even use a French Press to save electricity too!

6) Swop your Paper Towels for Tea Towels

Did you know you could help eliminate 13 billion pounds of paper towels by saying good bye to paper kitchen towels? Think about switching to a few cotton cloths and fabric napkins and just wash them when they’re dirty! Plus, you can get some really funky patterns to spice up your kitchen.

7) Don't Drive

When you get to thinking about it, there are lots of alternate methods of transport instead of your car! Not only will you save money on fuel, you'll also get some fun exercise in. You could walk, bike, run, rollerskate or even unicycle around! If that's not your thing, look into your local bus system. If all else fails, try car pooling for a day (or even the whole week!).

March for science

8) Attend the March for Science

This Earth Day, April 22, Earth Day Network and the March for Science are co-organizing a rally and teach-in on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The day’s program will include speeches and trainings with scientists and civic organizers, musical performances, and a march through the streets of Washington, D.C. The crowd will gather at 8:00am, and the teach-in will begin at 09:00am. For more info, check out: https://www.marchforscience.com/ 




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