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5 Camping Gear Essentials for your Dog

By Lisa Landes, 12/25/2017 - 13:26
Dog sitting on a Blue Ridge Chair on the Beach

If you are a hiker and a dog owner you know your 4-legged buddy comes with some challenges whether you are on a day hike or on a weekend adventure. Keeping some basic safety tips in mind before leaving is a great idea to make sure everyone is safe and has a good time. The same way gear makes us happy and comfy while in the great outdoors, goes for our pets too. Here are some of our favorites for your trail dog. Happy hiking!


1) Microfiber Dog Towel

A small, lightweight and quick-dry dog towel is the perfect solution to your messy camping needs. Throw one of these guys in your bag to wipe their paws before they climb into your tent, or simply dry them off before the sun sets and the cooler air sweeps in. You can find these guys almost anywhere and they range in prices from $10 to $50. Their super portable and packable qualities make this the perfect addition to your dog gear stash. 

2) Collapsible Dog Bowl

These collapsible dog bowls come in all shapes and sizes depending on the weight of your furry friend, but no matter which one you buy these are a life saver! Not all trails have access to water, so for those dry hikes or any walk on hot sunny day, your dog will be grateful for sip of H2O. Some even come with a carabineer so you can easily attach to the outside of your bag!

3) Blue Ridge Chair Works

That’s right! Dogs like chairs too. All dog owners are different, and of course all dogs vary too - from the roughing it in the wild kind, to the cozy up and carry me pooches. If you have a new dog in the house, it is best to get to know they’re personality before hitting the trails for a night out. Blue Ridge Chair Works has your back, with hand crafted wood furniture ranging from small and petite to our XL Outdoor Chair made for all sizes! Relax in your lounge chair knowing your dog is comfy too. 

4) Dog Jacket

Okay, so some of you may be thinking, "hey dogs don’t need jackets - they’re dogs!" The other half of us know what it’s like to take a shorthaired pup out on a camping trip and have them shivering next to you all night. Either way, a dog jacket, or a simple doggie raincoat, can make a world of a difference. Happy dog, happy life, right!? Double up a dog coat and a dog daypack all in one with some of these awesome hiking dog packs. Keeping your dog warm and having them carry their own food = #winning.

5) Reflective & LED Dog Collars

LED Dog Collars are certainly not a necessity, but they sure are fun! Not only do they keep your dog in sight and safe when the sun goes down, but they also serve as an extra light around the campfire! Some fancier collars will even have different settings for brightness, glow patterns or different colors. Looking to have your next gathering out in the wilderness? These gadgets will brighten up the evening for sure! 

Instagram Credit: @danielevanweddle

Happy Tails and trails y'all! 



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