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2019 Adventure Ideas

By Lisa Landes, 12/14/2018 - 10:07
Man carrying his backpack chair through the grass looking over the ocean

Planning for a new year can be a great time to focus on new adventures, health goals or travel ideas for the next vacation. Planning is a great idea to save money on hotels or flight tickets as well as campsites to snag the best spot in advance (you know the one facing the mountains or lake instead of your neighbor’s campsite). Get some ideas rolling and write down your goals for 2019! Here are some ideas to get you started.

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1) Plan an adventurous day trip

We all know a new year can make you want to travel the world, eat less sugar or go sky diving. The life is short let’s go attitude! While we couldn’t agree more, we also know most of us have jobs to get too and daily responsibilities that can’t be avoided. There is also the unavoidable sweet tooth that doesn’t just going away once the clock strikes midnight!

Plan some fun day trips that won’t require too much planning. Whether you find a new fun activity near the house or a new park just an hour or 2 away, take a trip and spend the day in a new environment. Even a small amount of time away from your normal routine can be a fantastic breath of fresh air.

2) Set realistic health goals and write them down

Writing down your goals can be the difference between achieving them and forgetting everything come February. Call us old school but sticking to the pen and paper instead of the electronics can work wonders! Start small and write down your accomplishments.

Let’s say you want to start with 50 pushups a day every morning for 3 weeks. Maybe draw up a calendar to keep you on track, and cross through the day as you accomplish your goals. Going for a brisk jog in the morning with the dog(s) or diving into a new book can all be great goals to embark on. Remember to start small!

Photo by: @josiahq

3) Sync up with your friends or family ahead of time

Planning a trip or longer vacation can be so exciting, especially if you plan to head out with your friends/family. If you are like most of us, vacation time is limited, and time off work may need to sync with your work calendar. Syncing up the dates with those you wish to adventure with can take some planning. The Holidays are a great time to gather and plan your time off for the next year. Planning a trip a year in advance may not appeal to all, but it really can make the difference between a smooth and enjoyable time off to a chaotic scramble.

4) Visit a new national park

Take advantage of the open space around you! Perhaps plan a weekend trip and drive to a nearby state to visit a new national or state park. Weekend trips are great because they usually don’t require planning a year in advance and can sometimes be planned just the night before! Depending on whether you are camping, staying in the car/van or booking a hotel can affect the planning time. Make sure to check the weather before you go and check out some new trails. National parks are great for harder treks and almost all have nice nature walks the whole family can enjoy.

Photo by: Matt Godfrey

Don’t forget to pack Blue Ridge Chair Works chairs and tables for a fast and easy picnic on the road. The Caravan Chair is a small and lightweight option perfect for small cars. Pair this up with The Parkway Picnic Roll Top Table and you will be ready for any adventure!

5) Do something for the first time

Trying something for the first time is a rewarding experience. It doesn’t have to be anything major like jumping out of a plane! Some ideas could be:

-          Try a new cuisine

-          Put yourself out there and join a local kickball or volleyball group

-          Make a new dish

-          Drop-in on a CrossFit class

-          Take a trip out of the country

-          Learn a new language

A new skill or new experience could be the next stepping stone to the next phase of your life! Put yourself out there and enjoy something new!


What will you try in 2019?



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