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10 Penny Projects to Upgrade your Home

By Meredith Foster..., 07/12/2017 - 10:52
Penny projects for your home

Trends come and go, but one that we are totally obsessed with right now is the penny project trend. Copper has always been a accent of upgrade, but with so many ways to upcycle projects in your house, we are just dying to get out our hot glue and coin jars and jump in on the penny trend. Take a look at these 10 penny projects that could upgrade your space.

(Image Credit: Decoist)

1. Penny Backsplash

 Sorry, we had to come out swinging, but we honestly cannot stop looking at how gorgeous this penny backsplash is. An instant upgrade to any kitch or bathroom space, this backsplash give you the feel of upscale without breaking the bank. We love the ecletic vibe and the fact that you can customize the look in whatever pattern/ copper scheme you desire. We want all the options.


2. Penny TableTop

We love the idea of sprucing up your living or dining area with a refurbished penny tabletop. If you're still wondering what to do with that old side table you found at the flea market, or what to do about your dining room table that is start to scuff, we definitely reccomment the penny tabletop makeover. Feeling extra creative? Consider using framing to add depth to your new copper accent piece!

(Image Credit: JoAnn)

3. Penny Letters

Dying to give the backsplash a try, but not quite ready to turn your whole kitch copper? These penny letters are the perfect compromise. You can start with as durable or inexpensive a base as you want, and use these bad boys to begin your journey to copperfacation. We like the classic E-A-T, even though we don't ususally need a reminder to do that.

4. Penny Mirror

In the spirit of keeping it simple, we also like the idea of redesigning the frame of a mirror to add a little copper touch without pushing your crafting skills to max. Glue pennies aroudn the outside of your mirror frame in whatever design suits your fancy for a fast DIY that comes with a little flare.

(Image Credit: Homedit)

5. Penny Floor

Since we've given you plenty of proects to start slow with, we are upping the anty with an accent flooring job made entirely of pennies. Now we know we're putting you in a pretty serous craft bracket, but we think with all of your warm up copper that you will be able to take this on easy peasy. We like the idea of doing a small space like a foyer floor or even a luandry room so not to overdue it with copper, ( if that is possible.) Although we're salivating over this penny-lined shower floor.

6. Penny Coasters

Now that we've blown your mind with the gloriousness that is the penny flooring, we're going to bring it back down to the penny coaster to help tie all of your rooms together. We like this because it can be done a multitude of different ways, adding as much or as little copper as you're ready for.

(Image Credit: William Frymire)

7. Penny Portrait

Now that you've totally fallen in love with copper, it's time to share the love with your friends? if you're looking for the perfect penny themed gift for your history loving pals, try on this penny portrait for size. We admit this is over our artistic heads, but for all you professional artists and out-of-this world crafters, this project is for you!

(Image Credit: Myphotoden )

8. Penny Birdhouse

Now, you've displayed your love of copper in your home and shared with your friends, it's time to take this outside. As much as we love copper on the inside, we can't wait to get this penny influence on the outside of our home. The birdhouse with the penny roof is a great way to spruce up your garden or patio when you take the pennies outside!

Image Credit: DIY Projects for Teens)

9. Penny Wall Art

This penny wall art would be the perfect addition to a screened in porch or a renovated "sheshed." It adds a little taste or style without feeling to overdone to be outdoors. Anything from monograms to using pennies to represent milestone years, we like this because we could probably whip one up with what we've got at home right now. (We're thinking Mario first!)


10. Penny Vase

Last, but certainly not least is a gorgeous penny vase. This could be the perfect statement piece for your front porch to spruch up some seasonal plants, or just give you a little extra curb appeal. Just another easy upscale project to bring a little extra flare to your home for just pennies! ha!